A secure and powerful cognitive assessment platform built for healthcare practitioners.

Track brain health over time as part of cognitive treatment and wellness plans,
using a highly engaging suite of cognitive tasks, validated through decades of research.

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Why CBS Health?

Improve patient care

  • Quantify cognition

    Show patients a quantitative and objective measure of their cognitive health to help complement any existing subjective assessment methods you're using as part of your practice.

  • Track cognitive trends

    Validate that treatments or wellness plans are having the desired effects, or detect early indications of cognitive decline that your patients may be worried about.

  • Educate patients

    Educate your patients and their family members on the core areas of cognition—like short-term memory, reasoning, attention, and verbal ability—that are fundamental to their quality of life.

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Improve your practice

Improve your practice

  • Modernize and scale your practice

    Modernize and scale your practice by sending assessments via email for completion in a patient's home, featuring tasks from a leading online cognitive assessment tool backed by decades of scientific research.

  • No more manual effort

    Save practitioner time and effort by automating many manual tasks, such as administering assessments, maintaining and storing data, analyzing and interpreting results, and searching for patient reports.

  • Faster patient insights

    Accurately monitor patient cognition over time to ensure practitioners in your practice are provided with insights that help you optimize patient outcomes and improve patient satisfaction.

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See How CBS Health is Different

Insightful and accurate cognitive reporting
in less than 15 minutes

Compare your patient's results against our large proprietary normative database, made up of more than 75,000 individuals.

Review your patient’s percentile rank relative to others of the same age group and gender.

Stay on top of important trends in your patient’s cognition over time.

Reports are powerful, yet simple and easy-to-read, allowing you to instantly share results with your patient without extra modifications or explanations.

Impress your patients with a flexible, un-intimidating,
and engaging assessment experience

Send links via email to allow your patients to complete assessments in the comfort of their own homes

Self-guided interactive task tutorials help ensure your patients quickly get up to speed on task instructions

Easily customize assessment settings—like turning off sound, or adding practice rounds—to create the patient experience you want

Easy to administer and web-based,
no special hardware required.

cloud Created with Sketch. Cloud-based & secure, meeting or exceeding HIPAA industry standards.
browsers Created with Sketch. Support for modern desktop browsers and tablets.
interactive Created with Sketch. Tasks can be completed using common inputs like touch or mouse-enabled devices.

Customize your assessments

Select from any of our 12 core cognitive tasks to create custom assessments that meet your specific needs. Explore a sample of our tasks spanning different cognitive domains:

Not sure which tasks are best suited to your needs?

Easily manage your practice in
one place

practitioner Created with Sketch. Add additional practitioners to scale your practice
Add new patient records and easily search for existing patient reports
assessments Created with Sketch. Send assessments via email for completion in a patient's home, or administer assessments in person

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