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Is There a Type of Exercise That Reverses Aging?


Almost any exercise is good for you, but different types can have different outcomes. A recent study from the Mayo Clinic found that both aerobic high intensity interval training (HIIT) and resistance training led to measurable biological benefits, but HIIT's effects were detected right down to improvements in the cells that make up muscles.

This is being reported with headlines like "interval training can reverse aging." A note on that: as far as I know, the success rate for completely reversing aging is (outside of fiction) zero percent. We all age. But it can be enough to age well, maintaining a baseline of physical health and cognitive function for as many years as possible.

That's why it's best to read headlines with a grain of salt, set realistic goals, and most importantly, measure your own outcomes to track progress over the years. If HIIT is something you enjoy, and it is having the outcomes you want, then rest assured that there is growing evidence for its wide-ranging health benefits. However, if you’re engaging in any type of consistent exercise, your future self will surely thank you.