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  • Over 7 million tests completed from around the world
  • Backed by 25+ years of scientific research
  • Tests used in more than 300 peer reviewed studies

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Trusted by world-leading Institutions

Accurately measure core elements of cognition with a scientifically rigorous test battery


Fast & convenient

Complete test battery takes only 30 minutes, yet produces comparable results to traditional 2-3 hr professionally administered psychological tests.


Engaging & Enjoyable

Tests are fast, easy and enjoyable, leading to better test adoption and completion.


Highly Sensitive

Tests have been shown in numerous published studies to be extremely sensitive to even minor changes in cognition.

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Why You Should Use CBS Trials

Validated & scientifically rigorous cognitive tests

Tests are backed by more than 300 peer-reviewed studies over the past 25 years.

Access to normative database

Compare your results to our market-leading normative database of 75 000+ participants, compiled from our larger database of 6 million test scores.

Flexible web-based platform

Easily customize your study online (in the cloud) without tedious hardware or software installations. Plus, you'll always have access to your data online, held securely and never shared publicly.

Better participant compliance

Our highly engaging tests mean fewer test and study dropouts so you get more high quality data in the least amount of time.

Technical support & setup compliance

All researchers are assigned a dedicated account manager & staff scientist to get you up and running as quickly as possible, while ensuring the unique requirements of your study are met.

Grant application assistance

Applying for a grant? Run a free pilot using CBS Trials to build your case and bolster your application with a letter of support from us.

Suitable for all age groups

CBS Trials offers a custom test battery made specifically for child-based studies, suitable for children as young as 6 years of age.

Made by academics, for academics

Tests are based on the pioneering work of Dr. Adrian Owen, the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience and Imaging at the Brain & Mind Institute of Western University, Canada.

Renowned studies using our tests

  • Putting Brain Training to the Test

    Largest (11,430 participants) & most cited brain training study ever conducted, with results published in Nature.

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  • Fractionating Human Intelligence

    Largest (44,600 participant) online intelligence study in history, with results published in Neuron.

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