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New: A Different Challenge Every Day, And Other Cambridge Brain Sciences Updates

You told us you want to play different daily challenges. The community spoke, and we listened. From now on, you'll receive a different Cambridge Brain Sciences challenge every day, ensuring you get a fresh new experience and more accurate brain reports. We've made 4 other big updates to improve your experience, including removing the C-Score limit, a new test page, a better resource center, and more! Sign in or sign up to check out all the updates, or read on for details.

1: New Daily Challenges

Based on your feedback, our ace team of scientists have developed new challenges that are just as fun and accurate. That means each day, you'll get a new challenge consisting of 4 tests. Your resulting C-Score and domain scores will be more representative of your brain's function than ever before, with fresh challenges that keep your neurons from getting too comfortable. Best of all, you still get a full brain report in only 10 minutes per day.

2: New Test Limits

Once you play a new challenge, you might experience a dip in your performance compared to your "normal" state. Don't worry, that's to be expected! To help you get up to speed, you can now play the tests in each day's challenge an unlimited number of times. Each day, a new set of 4 tests will be unlocked to play as much as you'd like. If you're not already on the pro plan and want unlimited access to all tests, you can upgrade your account.

3: A Better Tests Tab

The Tests tab is now organized by cognitive domain. All tests still contribute to multiple domains—your brain is too complex to simplify into pure categories—but now you can quickly identify the main domain that each test targets.

4: No More C-Score Limits

The ceiling on the C-Score and domain scores has been lifted. If you were scoring very highly on any tests, your scores will now be more accurate, and you'll see day-to-day variation in your scores again. Community data has also been updated, so all scores are now a more accurate comparison to a full range of community scores.

Insights (available on pro plans only) will also be more meaningful, as a wider range of scores now go into the calculations that help you discover when you're at your best.

5: New and Improved Resource Center

The Resource Center has been redesigned from the ground up to answer all your burning questions. Whether you're just getting started or want to dive into every detail of the science, you'll find answers at And as always, if you can't find what you're looking for, we're always an email or chat message away.

All five of these improvements are available now. Log in to explore all these new ways to challenge your brain.