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The personal information we collect will be used for internal research at the MRC to help us better understand how the brain works and to improve and extend our website to better serve our users. Specifically, the information that we collect will be used to help us to understand how performance on tests of memory, reasoning, concentration and planning might vary in the population at large, and whether they may be affected by factors such as alcohol consumption or occupation. Therefore, by partaking in the tests and sharing your results, you will assist the MRC’s world-class research into neuroscience and cognition. As a result, your test scores may be included (entirely anonymously) in some of our future scientific publications.

All data is analysed anonymously. Any personal data that might identify the user (e.g. an email address) will be kept confidential and not shared with any third party. Your email will be stored securely and you will not be contacted by another party. For further details please see the MRC Cambridge Brain Sciences Website Privacy Policy.