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The Cambridge Brain Challenge

Our Current Challenge

You can take our standard set of 4 tests and see how you do across all the key areas.

  • Grammatical Reasoning (Reasoning)
  • Spatial Search (Planning)
  • Paired Associates (Memory)
  • Odd One Out (Reasoning)

Welcome to the Cambridge Brain Challenge!

Take the challenge and see how your cognitive performance stacks up against your friends, as well as the thousands of people who have used Cambridge Brain Sciences to test their memory, reasoning, concentration and planning abilities. If you take the Cambridge Brain Challenge you will receive a score from one test from each of these four domains and an overall composite score. You will then be able to compare yourself to your friends and challenge them to try and beat your scores.


Additional details

The Cambridge Brain Challenge features just four of the tests from the Cambridge Brain Sciences website.

Grammatical Reasoning: This test is a modern variant on Alan Baddeley’s 3 minute grammatical reasoning test. It measures how well your brain can reason about the relationships among different objects based on deductions from grammatical statements.

Spatial Search: This test assesses your ability to retain and manipulate information in spatial working memory.

Paired Associates: In this task you have to remember which objects are hidden in different boxes. Psychologists call the skills required for this task ‘paired-associate-learning’, as you are required to learn to pair two items in memory.

Odd One Out: The Odd One Out task was developed by Dr Adam Hampshire as a modern variant on classical tests of fluid intelligence, such as Raven's Progressive Matrices and the Cattell's Culture Fair Intelligence Test.

Additional Cambridge Brain Challenges will follow over the coming weeks. Enjoy the challenge!

Stats and scores
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The highest score is 96.