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Odd One Out

Test type: Reasoning

Test your fluid reasoning skills using the Odd One Out Task.

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About this test

The Odd One Out task was developed by Dr Hampshire as a modern variant on classical tests of fluid intelligence such as Raven's Progressive Matrices and the Cattell's Culture Fair Intelligence Test. The participant must work out which of nine patterns is the odd one out, solving as many problems as possible within 3 minutes. Problems become increasingly difficult over time. The Odd One Out task differers from Raven's and Cattell's intelligence tests as the problems are generated on the fly using a complex set of algorithms. Due to this on the fly generation, and the ability of the task to generate many tens of thousands of novel problems, the task is suitable for training reasoning abilities or taking many repeated measures as the participants cannot learn the answers to specific problems by rote. Instead, they must solve a novel set of problems each time they undertake the task.

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