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Object Reasoning

Test type: Reasoning

Does abstract reasoning tie your brain in knots? Try this test to find out

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About this test

Reason your way to a higher IQ

This task looks at how well you are able to make logical deductions from a sequence of complex images. Performance on this, and other reasoning tests, has been found to correlate very highly with 'general intelligence' (also known as 'g'). The concept of 'g' is a difficult one to describe in a few sentences, because it does not correspond to a single mental process. By definition, 'g' contributes to our performance on many different tasks. In general, it refers to the ability to think about ideas, analyze situations and solve problems, all of which relate to what we generally think of as 'reasoning' ability. By engaging in this reasoning task, therefore, you are taxing mental abilities that contribute to a whole range of cognitive functions which in turn contribute to your general 'intelligence'. Whether performing tasks like this can actually increase your intelligence is another matter altogether and one that is still hotly debated in the scientific literature! This idea, and other hypothoses about the relationship between general intelligence and reasoning, are currently being tested by the scientists behind this website.

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